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Positive Induction: The Essential Guide

Preparing for an informed induced labour and positive birth experienece

My 71-page downloadable guide "Positive Induction: The Essential Guide" will walk you through the induction process in 10 chapters:

  1. Introduction

  2. Informed decisions - making informed choices that are right for YOU

  3. Labour 101 - Understanding your birthing hormones, stages of labour and optimal fetal positioning

  4. Ripening my what? - Step 1: Membrane sweeps, pharmaceutical and mechanical ripening methods

  5. Releasing waters - Step 2: Breaking the amniotic sac

  6. Hello contractions - Step 3: Inducing labour contractions

  7. Writing a birth plan - Writing an informed birth plan or birth preferences for an induced labour

  8. Affirmations - Positive labour and birth affirmations

  9. References

  10. Helpful Resources - Additional helpful websites, contacts and a calming breathing technique

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