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Birth Reflection

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Private Session or Group Workshop

Joanna's Birth Reflection Workshop is held as a group session online or face-to-face depending on local covid-19 government guidance. This workshop will give you the opportunity to discuss your birth experience in a safe and supportive environment.


Is there something you need to get off your chest? Does it feel like a blur? This session will help you to gain clarity and allow you the time to check in with how you’re feeling in a like-minded, judgement-free space. Big or small, recent or past - we can chat through anything that needs acknowledging, honouring or releasing.


You will be guided through relaxation and grounding techniques to release stress, aid relaxation and promote clarity when reflecting on and honouring your birthing experience.

Joanna will also guide you through the process of accessing your hospital notes and how to navigate the system to access further support to process your experience and aid emotional healing.

Please note I am a midwife and not a mental health professional. This session would not be appropriate for those seeking treatment for a traumatic birth. If you have, please know that you are not alone and support is available. For further information on support and treatment options following Birth Trauma, visit the Make Birth Better website.


The Group Workshop - £30

90 mins with a maximum of 4 attendees.

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1-1 Session with Joanna

30 minutes - £35 - Book Now

60 minutes - £60 - Book Now

90 minutes - £82 - Book Now

If you have accessed your clinical notes, Joanna can review these will you during the appt or a further session can be booked to review and make sense of your hospital notes.

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