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What Joanna's clients have said...


Laura - November, 2018

I attended Joanna's class at Tollcross for 5 weeks. I am having my baby this week or else I would still be there! Joanna has a very friendly, kind manner and is very easy to talk to and ask questions (no matter how silly or irrational you may feel!) She has a very calming attitude and makes you feel at ease. I would recommend this class to anyone expecting a baby and looking for some light exercise in the water followed by a wee chat about anything at all! Thanks Joanna xx

Kirsten - December, 2018

I highly recommend both Aquanatal and hypnobirthing with Joanna. The aquanatal is great and it's really helpful being able to ask Joanna all sorts of questions about pregnancy and birth. It's lovely to meet people who know how you feel and get a good chat. The water has been great for my pelvic girdle pain too. Give it a go! Joanna's hypnobirthing course was brilliant for me and allowed me to have the positive birth that we planned. She came to my house weekly and we discussed what to expect during labour, how to remain calm and focussed to allow my body to do what it should naturally. She gave me relaxation tracks to listen to which really helped me to relax during pregnancy while also ensuring my subconscious was preparing for birth. As a result of this course I had a positive natural pool birth which was quick, calm and well planned. If it wasn't for Joanna's hypnobirthing course then I wouldn't have had such a positive birth. I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering hypnobirthing.

Laura - February, 2019

I had the pleasure of attending Joanna’s relaxation in pregnancy course and care of the newborn workshop. I would highly recommend both. Joanna has a lovely calming, compassionate manor. She made it easy to ask questions and put myself and my husband at ease. I will look out for her classes in the future.

Sam - March, 2019

I attended Joanna's pregnancy relaxation course and highly recommend. I found it such a valuable space to discuss, learn and most importantly relax. The breathing techniques, guided relaxation and visualisation have helped me to prepare for birth and complimented my weekly pregnancy yoga class too. thank you Joanna! great knowledge and a lovely relaxed, positive approach.

Jenna - March, 2019

I attended Joanna’s Pregnancy relaxation classes for 6 weeks and can not recommend them enough! I was terrified at the thought of giving birth and after only my first class I left feeling empowered and ensured that I could do this, better than that...I was built to do this! Her classes were a fantastic space for me to unwind, gain valuable knowledge and confidence in myself and my ability to bring my little boy safely and lovingly into this world. Since my relaxation classes have ended I’ve felt a huge gap in my weekly activities and truly miss Joanna’s calm and reassuring company! I have now booked her hypnobirthing class and will be starting her aquanatal classes this coming week! Thank you for having such a positive influence on my first pregnancy experience!

Charlie - April, 2019

I would like to highly recommend Aquanatal and Hypnobirthing with Joanna. Aquanatal was the light exercise I needed and Joanna was always so motivated and positive. The discussions after the pool sessions were great as it was lovely to meet mums to be and speak to Joanna about questions that had been niggling me. Hypnobirthing with Joanna was one of the best things that I did as it helped to focus on what I wanted for the birth of my baby and also helped me to relax and feel in control of the decisions I was making. When it came to the birth of my baby I used the techniques Joanna went through with me and created my birthing space which helped with the positive birthing of my baby even when the birth did not go as planned. The support and advice Joanna gave me was invaluable and I am so thankful to have had her throughout my pregnancy and after the birth of my son xxx

Amy - April, 2019

Feeling very positive and excited for birth having gone to Joanna’s hypnobirthing course. Lots of facts and discussion about what will actually happen and feel so much more clued up and calmer. Excellent experience!

Lauren - April, 2019

During my pregnancy I booked onto a 4 week hypnobirthing course with Joanna where we had arranged to do the classes at my parents house, it was the best experience in giving myself and my birthing partners (partner and mum) the knowledge and skills to help me through my labor when the time came. It was especially good that we could arrange it within my family home as my partner is quite shy and would have felt out of his comfort zone if we where in a class full of strangers. It was very personal experience and well worth it. Joanna is very knowledgeable and passionate about all things birth and empowering woman in making the right informed choices for themselves. Any questions or doubts that I or my birthing partners had where answered confidentiality. I also attended aquanatal at tollcross and care for a new born class with Joanna. Both where essential parts in my pregnancy that gave me confidence I was doing everything right, this only made better by the support of Joanna. Many thanks and I will definitely be booking myself and my wee one onto baby massage 💜 xxx

Una - June, 2019

Our beautiful little girl was born on 3rd June, only 4 days after the NHS due date, which I still maintain was early!! I was really lucky to have a quick labour with no problems and I can’t believe how well the hypnobirthing worked. I was having mild contractions in the morning and saw the midwife at 3 pm who did a sweep that really sped things up and she born at 9 pm. I’m so pleased I have it in me to have a quick labour after the boys were so long! We were only at the hospital for an hour before she was born so there wasn’t much time for the hypnobirthing tracks but I managed to stay fairly calm which was hard as the contractions were intense and hard to breath through. I was so focused though and didn’t want to talk to anyone. I wasn’t like this in my other labours so it must have been listening to all the tracks in the lead up that did it! I’m really amazed at how well it worked. So thank you Joanna! Her name is Tessa Isobel Brown and she weighed 7 lbs 13 oz so just a perfect size!

Jessica - August, 2019

I highly recommend Bumps and Birth! Attending Joanna's course has been one of the most profoundly empowering and encouraging experiences I've had. It's really helped me understand things scientifically, release fears and make peace and understand my own traumatic birth. I feel much more confident and mentally prepared and a lot less anxious about giving birth. I sincerely can’t truly articulate how much she has helped me. Joanna is amazing at her job!

Aaron - August, 2019

My wife and I discovered Joanna's service online and she was very quick to accommodate our last minute request to have a private workshop in our home. The 3 hour session was very informative and we learned so much. It was very beneficial that we had the chance to ask someone who is very knowledgeable as many questions as we liked. We feel much better prepared for the birthing process now and would highly recommend doing this workshop.

Ann-Marie - August, 2019

Joanna's hypnobirthing course was absolutely amazing. So informative and helpful and she gave us great resources to use at home. I cannot recommend it enough.

Shonagh - August, 2019

As well as attending Joanna's aquanatal classes myself, my hubby and I also attended weekly hypnobirthing sessions. Both were a great place to meet expectant mums, ask Joanna all the questions that we had about anything and everything pregnancy/birth/early days related and learn hypnobirthing strategies that helped us both feel more relaxed and in control leading up to the birth and through the necessary changes to our birth plan when the time came. Joanna helped us feel confident in our right and ability to safely question the information and advice from doctors to make sure we understood the choices presented throughout pregnancy and birth to make it the best experience it could be. we will be forever grateful for all her support and guidance.

Sophie - October, 2019

I really wanted to explore hypnobirthing and learn more about how it could support me and my husband during the birth of our first baby. I stumbled upon Joanna during some middle of the night Googling, and I am so glad I did. I was a little unsure about what to expect from the classes but found Joanna to be so welcoming and her home to be the perfect relaxed setting for learning. The course was so accessible and really helped us to understand how we can manage our options when it comes to labour and delivery. It also provided me with a number of tools that I can call upon to help make birthing a more positive and relaxed experience. I am now genuinely looking forward to delivery and have loved being able to get excited about meeting my baby rather than fearing the final steps.

Lorraine - October, 2019

I was keen to learn about hypnobirthing and involve my partner more in my pregnancy and Joanna’s class was the perfect place to do both. Her advice and expertise was invaluable, delivered in an informal and friendly way, and we both feel so much more informed and empowered as a result. Really looking forward to employing the hypnobirthing techniques we learned during the labour.

Caoimhe - November, 2019

My husband and I took private hypnobirthing classes with Joanna. We loved them. She is very knowledgeable and well organised. She put us both at ease and tailored the classes to suit us. I now feel calm and more prepared for labour. Thanks Joanna.

Karyl Anne - December, 2019

My partner and I got private lessons from Joanna which we both loved and got so much from. Our birth did not go at all as planned sadly, despite this however we are able to look back knowing that the decisions we made were the right decisions for us all due to the knowledge and advice we got from Joanna during our classes. Even the difficult final month of pregnancy was made much more enjoyable as I practiced the relaxation and breathing techniques that we would use during labour. We were left happy and confident our daughter would arrive safely when she was ready 💗

Caoimhe - January, 2020

Joanna is an excellent combination of very knowledgeable and very approachable. Her classes have really helped us to feel informed and ready (more or less) for what's to come... !

Sarah - January, 2020

My husband and I attended Joanna’s Hypnobirthing workshops in November ahead of our baby girl being born in January. Joanna was fantastic; really friendly, knowledgeable and put us at ease. The workshops were jam packed full of information yet didn’t feel overwhelming. We left feeling we had all the information we needed to make informed decisions about our daughter’s birth. Although my birth didn’t go as I had planned, I was calm throughout thanks to the techniques I learned in the workshops. I’ve been able to use the Hypnobirthing breathing to help me whilst learning to breastfeed as well as helping me switch off and have some much needed me time when my baby is sleeping. For anyone thinking of Hypnobirthing, I would highly recommend Joanna and her classes.

Fiona - April, 2020

Joanna is knowledgeable, kind and reassuring. We did a workshop with her through Zoom and it was a wonderful, calming experience. She listened to all our concerns and helped us work through them -- and the skills we've learned will be really valuable. Thank you so much Joanna!

Chloe - March, 2020

Hi Joanna. Thank you again for all your help and support with prep for welcoming Baby* into the world. She arrived on 4 March weighing 7lbs 2oz. My hypnobirthing tracks played throughout and although I found the experience incredibly intense and thought that I wasn’t coping very well, the midwives kept assuring me that they rarely saw women breathing through their contractions so well! I birthed standing up and caught Baby* myself. The midwife was a bit taken aback saying very few women they see birth in this way.  All the knowledge you passed onto us during our time with you was invaluable. Just knowing what was going on in my body and trusting it knew what it was doing, helped so much. Keep being wonderful xx

Charlotte - April, 2020

My husband and I had two private sessions with Joanna and found them really helpful. I suffered from hyperemesis from the start of my pregnancy and didn't have the best experience in hospital as I was dismissed a lot. It left me quite nervous about going back when it came to labour. The sessions with Joanna changed that completely as she was great at answering all our questions and giving us the pros and cons of all the various options based on her years of experience in the delivery room. She was able to give us the knowledge and support required to take control of our experience and make the decisions that were right for us. Would highly recommend!

Fi - April, 2020

Joanna is knowledgeable, kind and reassuring. We did a workshop with her through Zoom and it was a wonderful, calming experience. She listened to all our concerns and helped us work through them -- and the skills we've learned will be really valuable. Thank you so much Joanna!

Scott - April, 2020

My wife and I had an online "caring for a newborn" workshop with Joanna. The workshop was well put together and very helpful for me - plus the bonus of the extra resources Joanna provides. English is not wife's first language, but the whole workshop went perfectly as Joanna was very patient and understanding. She made sure my wife understood exactly what she was saying, before moving on to the next topic. We would highly recommend her services. 5 stars - *****

Gemma - April, 2020

I signed up to Joanna’s pregnancy relaxation course with little idea as to what to expect - and I can honestly say I had the best four weeks! Having time set aside to chat to other women who are in the same position as you is really special, but to have a qualified midwife to join the dots is just so invaluable! Joanna is so informative, helpful and kind; she genuinely cared about us each as individuals and took so much interest in each of our pregnancies every week. Which, at a time like this, is just what is needed. Nothing was ever too much - and the loveliest thing is we all want to stay in touch and celebrate each other’s journeys! Now I just need to put into practice the amazing relaxation techniques - and all else - we learnt along the way...! Thanks so much Joanna xxx

Sarah - April, 2020

I cannot recommend Joanna’s ‘Online Relaxation Programme’ more highly; especially during these unprecedented times (sorry to use that word), but it was just what I needed. Me and my best friend were lucky enough to take part in the course together, but we also met the most amazing ladies through this course, and Joanna of coarse. Joanna is amazing, and it wasn’t just about the relaxation (which is fantastic) but also her being so hands on and helpful with any worries or concerns/queries we had. Not to mention going out her way to provide us with additional material and tips. This course is worth everything and more. Thank you Joanna xx

Ellie and David - June, 2020

Me and my partner did one on one Hypnobirthing with Joanna in the run up to our son Ruairidh’s birth. I can not recommend it highly enough. As well as each session being a relaxing escape and vent for any built up anxiety, the Hypnobirthing technique installed calm and confidence for the coming birth (to the point of excitement ahead of fear). Furthermore Joanna is a wealth of knowledge regarding the birthing process, hospital policy and medical interventions. When we were recommended an induction due to growth restriction, she was a lifesaver with advice empowering me to ask all the right questions of the medical team. I ultimately made the decision to request elective c-section which was certainly the right thing for us. I came away feeling positive and happy about the experience I’d had. We see this service as a vital investment for us which gave us the best start and right attitude for welcoming our baby. This feeling has continued into the joyful postpartum period. Do it!

Claire - July, 2020

My husband and I attended Joanna's hypnobirthing workshops back in Feb/March. I had been a little nervous about pregnancy and these really helped put my mind at ease. Information was provided in a positive way and many of the relaxation techniques helped ensure our birth experience was a positive one. We also found Joanna to be very personable and in general, lovely. Would highly recommend. Thank you!

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