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Postpartum + Newborn Care Workshop

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Online Group Workshop

You’ve made your birth plan, what about your postnatal plan? I’ll guide you through the process of planning for a positive postpartum period. 

Suitable for: Parents-to-be at any stage of pregnancy! This workshop will be held online via Zoom.

We will cover:

  • What happens in the hospital immediately post birth? We look at aspects such as thermoregulation, skin-to-skin and Newborn appearance.

  • Current, unbiased information on Vitamin K

  • What does a baby need to thrive? What should new parents expect from their baby and what a baby needs from their parents?

  • Learning the basic communication skills and understanding minor upsets of newborns.

  • All types of feeding - breastfeeding/chestfeeding, formula feeding.

  • The practical stuff - how to prepare bottles, baby bathing, top and tailing, nappy changing, going out, activities with baby, responsive parenting and much much more.

  • Improving and protecting your postpartum emotional wellbeing (baby blues, managing fatigue, managing overwhelm, self-care, postnatal anxiety, depression and seeking further support).

  • Talking about what you may experience as postnatal parents and how you will physically be postnatally and what to expect, as well as adjusting to family life with a newborn.


You'll receive your parent handbook download after the session to refer back to (thanks baby brain!)

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