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Preparing to Breastfeed/Chestfeed

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Preparing to Breastfeed/Chestfeed

We are told breast/chest-feeding is the most natural way to feed our baby and has overwhelming benefits. But if that's true, why can it be so challenging? Yes, it is a normal physiological process, however that does not mean it's quick and easy. Learning a new skill, even if "natural", takes time! Learning to walk and talk? These are natural but take time. It is SO important to prepare in advance and ensure you have evidence-based information to bust common myths and avoid common mistakes that can lead to pain, low milk supply etc.  I would encourage partners to join the session if possible!

We will cover:

  • Benefits for you and for baby

  • The importance of the first feed, baby's feeding cues

  • Common Setbacks - including tongue ties

  • Physiology, hormones and importance of positive self-talk

  • How to get a deep latch, positioning + attachment

  • Milk Supply - do to know you have enough? How can you increase your supply?

  • Engorgement, Nipple pain, Blocked ducts, Mastitis

  • Winding baby

  • Expressing milk - colostrum harvesting, antenatal and postnatal hand expressing, expressing with a pump, safe storage of milk, bottle-feeding expressed milk

  • Caffeine + alcohol

  • Feeding support - when to seek further help


You'll receive your parent handbook download after the session to refer back to during your breast/chest feeding journey (thanks baby brain!)

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