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Hypnobirthing with Joanna

What is Hypnobirthing?

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Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training programme which incorporates hypnotherapy  helping you to relax, understand, and take control of your own birth experience. Hypnobirthing allows you to work with your body - which is naturally designed to give birth!  The relaxation and focus on the power of language will allow you to expel fear and negativity, and empowers both you and your partner to make informed decisions with confidence that are best for your family. 


Joanna teaches The Little Birth Company's Hypnobirthing Programme which is a complete Birth Preparation Programme taking on a modern approach to antenatal classes. We cover everything you need to know to plan for a calm, confident & positive birth. I firmly believe any birth can be a positive one with right support, knowledge and environment.

Attend a FREE Hypnobirthing Taster session to find out more about hypnobirthing, what you will learn on the course, how you can achieve a positive birth and an opportunity to ask any questions.

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What will you learn?

  • The basic physiology of birth.

  • The positive belief that giving birth can be the most wonderful experience

  • To look forward to a gentle, safe, calm, comfortable and stress-free birth.

  • How to release any fear that may in some way be associated with childbirth, and thus avoid the "Fear-Tension-Pain-Syndrome".

  • How to relax deeply and quickly using breathing techniques, visualisations and deep relaxation.

  • How to stay calm, relaxed and in control throughout your labour.

  • How to promote the production of your birthing hormones.

  • How to trust your body to naturally work in harmony with your baby.

  • How to prepare a birth plan so that you can be better informed and in control of your birth.

  • The knowledge and power to navigate birth should you require intervention or assistance.

  • Positions to help you birth your baby more easily and comfortably.

  • Breathing techniques that work with your body to maximise your body's natural expulsive reflex, so you may birth your baby more gently, rather than using forced and directed 'pushing' which is exhausting and less effective.

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  • You are likely to experience a more informed and controlled birth.

  • Your baby will arrive in a loving and relaxed environment - alert and ready to bond with you.

  • Length of labour is often much shorter with those using hypnobirthing techniques.

  • Many find they require less pain relief when using hypnobirthing techniques, therefore allowing your baby to transition easier to life on the outside.

  • Your birth partner will learn how to support you and have a central and active role in the birth rather than passive.

  • You will have a wealth of tools to use to enable you to remain calm and in control should your birth require any intervention or assistance.


Q. What is included in the price?

A. The Complete Hypnobirthing Course includes The Little Birth Company (LBC) Hypnobirthing Parent Manual and 7 relaxation MP3s to guide your home practise.​ The Hypnobirthing Workshop includes the LBC Hypnobirthing Parent Manual and 3 relaxation MP3s.


Q. Does my partner have to attend the class?

A. They don't, but they will be very glad if they did! Most partners arrive at the course rather sceptical and leave very enthusiastic. After listening to the research and science behind it they will very quickly understand how important it is and the difference a supportive partner or birth companion can make. A Hypnobirthing partner is knowledgeable and able to fully support you as you give birth. They are huge asset at birth!

Q. I completed a Hypnobirthing course in my last pregnancy, do I have to book another full course?

A. If you have already completed a Hypnobirthing Course, then a refresher course would be suitable.  Use the "Contact Me" link, and we can see if a tailored course would be able to suit your needs.

Q. I have a friend that is also pregnant, can we do a joint course?

A. Use the "Contact me" link, and I may be able to offer a joint course at a discounted price.

Q. When should I start my Hypnobirthing Classes?

A. Ideally, starting between 25 and 30 weeks to give yourself time to get practising the tools and techniques you will learn. However, I have taught expectant parents much later on in their pregnancy who found the classes extremely helpful. Hypnobirthing is beneficial at any stage of pregnancy. What you waiting for? Get in touch now!

Q. Will Hypnobirthing work for me if I am on my own?

A. Yes, definitely.  Many have completed the course on their own if they have a partner who is working away or are planning to birth alone - you've got this!

Q. Will Hypnobirthing work if I'm being induced?

A. Yes, definitely. I do however teach a Positive Induction Workshop which delves deeper in the process of induction and how to make your labour and birth experience a positive and informed one! Get in touch here for more information.

Q. Will Hypnobirthing work if I'm having a caesarean birth?

A. Yes, definitely. I do however teach a Positive Caesarean Birth workshop which delves deeper into caesarean birth and how to make your birth and postnatal experience a positive and informed one! 

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Hypnobirthing + Birth Preparation Course

The complete Hypnobirthing Course covering birth preparation and Hypnobirthing techniques. 

1-1 Private Course - £325

Enjoy in the comfort of your own home via Zoom or face-to-face. Available as 4 x 2 hour sessions or as an intensive course of 2 x 4 hour sessions. Secure with a £75 deposit and remaining balance due 21 days prior to first session.

Enquire to book

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Hypnobirthing Workshop

The condensed 3 hour Hypnobirting workshop. Perfect for those who can't commit to the full course or have discovered Hypnobirthing later on in their pregnancy and are keen to learn Hypnobirthing techniques.

1-1 Private Workshop - £115

Enjoy in the comfort of your own home via Zoom or face-to-face.


Enquire to book

Hypnobirthig Course + Workshops
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