Yoga during pregnancy has many amazing benefits for both Mum and Baby! Come along and meet other like-minded expectant Mums and spend some time connecting with your baby.​ Suitable from 12 weeks.

Yoga asana helps alleviate aches and builds strength in your legs, back and abdominals to prepare you for labour and birth. All sessions finish with a guided relaxation (savasana), followed by a Q&A with myself (qualified midwife) in a relaxed environment. If you're never done yoga before, you are more than welcome!

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga?

  • Attending a class provides a safe space for you to rest, relax and reconnect.

  • Helps you connect with your baby and manage anxiety and pre-natal depression.

  • Helps increase your confidence and boost self-esteem.

  • Promotes good posture which helps prevent lower back discomfort.

  • Aids relaxation - increasing your energy levels during the day and improving your sleep at night.

  • Yoga asana can make physical space, reducing shortness of breath in the later stages of pregnancy and making you feel more comfortable.

  • Aids birth by increasing strength and flexibility within your pelvic floor muscles and provides increased awareness which allows you to focus on relaxing your pelvic floor during labour.

  • Increases stamina and muscular endurance, which helps prepare you for birth and early motherhood.

  • Improves circulation in your cardiovascular and lymphatic system which helps to prevent leg cramps, varicose veins and swelling.

  • Releases tension in achy muscles, especially in the lower back, shoulders and neck.

  • Reduces postnatal recovery time due to your increased wellbeing.

Pregnant Yoga

Yoga for Birth Workshop

Date TBC

Midwife-led workshop.

We will begin the workshop with a 45min Pregnancy Yoga Flow, how to prepare your pelvic floor muscles for labour and birth, positions to encourage your baby to be in the optimal position for labour and birth, what does a back to back baby mean?

Stages of labour, comfort measures, labour and birth positions including rebozo, supportive positions for those with pelvic discomfort, breathing techniques (pranayama) and we will finish with a guided relaxation (savasana).

*To Be Confirmed*


Shanti Yoga Glasgow,

20 Sandyford St,

Yorkhill, Glasgow, G3 8QJ

Pregnant mixed race woman meditating on

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

*Coming Soon!*

Midwife-led yoga classes.

Regular yoga practise can help maintain strength and posture whilst relieving tension, recharging energy levels and therefore providing an improved sense of wellbeing. 

During each class we will work through a pregnancy flow and focusing on key postures which will allow you to physically and mentally prepare for motherhood. We finish each session with a guided relaxation (savasana) followed by a Q&A.

£55 for 6-week Block



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