Yoga during the postnatal period has many amazing benefits; physically and mentally. Come along and meet other like-minded Mums and spend some time restoring your energy and reconnecting with your body.​ Suitable for postnatal women following 6/8 week check with GP and 12-weeks postnatal advised following caesarean section.

Your body has spent months nurturing and growing your baby and now all the changes that helped you bring your baby into this world are abruptly reversed. Your body requires kindness, gentle flows and expert advice during this pivotal time to regain former strength and flexibility. Classes will focus on enhancing and maintaining abdominal and pelvic floor strength - essential for postnatal recovery and reducing lower back and hip pain and possible issues with continence. All sessions finish with a guided relaxation (savasana), followed by a Q&A with myself (qualified midwife) in a relaxed environment. If you're never done yoga before, you are more than welcome!

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga?

  • Attending a class provides a safe space for you to relax, restore and reconnect.

  • Helps restore your core by gently activating your abdominal muscles.

  • Promotes good posture which helps prevent lower back discomfort.

  • Aids relaxation - increasing your energy levels during the day and improving your sleep at night.

  • Creates positivity around your postnatal wellbeing.

  • Reintroduces stamina and muscular endurance, which helps prepare you for birth and early motherhood.

  • Improves circulation in your cardiovascular and lymphatic system which helps to prevent and improve swelling.

  • Releases tension in achy muscles, especially in the lower back, shoulders and neck.

  • Aids postnatal recovery time due to your gentle and mindful approach to exercise and wellbeing

Baby Yoga

Mum & Baby Yoga

Midwife-led yoga classes.

Mum and Baby yoga focuses on core strengthening, gentle stretching and bonding with baby.

During each class we will work through postures for Mum, Baby and Mum & Baby. Babies are welcomed as babies are - feeding, changing and lot and lots of cuddles are encouraged!. We finish each session with a relaxation  (savasana) for Mum & Baby.

£45 for 4-week Block


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