Writing a Midwifery Personal Statement

Updated: Feb 19

You're currently applying or thinking about applying to Midwifery? That's amazing! So now you've just got the little task of writing your UCAS Personal Statement to complete - you've so got this! You will be aware of how competitive midwifery is, therefore it needs to be obvious to the admissions team that your midwifery is your field of choice and only focus.

Avoiding overwhelm

The best way to start is by breaking it down into chunks. Our brains can cope with chunks. Focusing on having to write 4,000 words? Hello overwhelm and procrastination! So break it down into manageable chunks and before you know you it - viola! Whilst thinking about said manageable chunks and what you want to include, you'll find yourself forming a plan. Get mind-mapping, make a bullet point list, post-its of topics - anything that you find helpful to get all your ideas down on paper. After you have all your ideas down of everything you want to mention, start to organise them in an order of importance.

Statement Structure

You want your statement to read well. The university admissions team only have limited time to review your statement. If your structure isn't clear and you're jumping between topics, you may end up only focusing on one aspect. Also, if you start without a structured plan and the words are flowing, 4,000 words will not seem like much at all. Midwifery is competitive, use your word count wisely.


You want to start with an introduction, but keep it very brief. You might want to mention here why want to be a midwife. However, try not start with "when I was growing up, I always wanted to be a midwife..." how many times do you think the admissions team have heard that? Start with something unique and interesting, ensuring to catch their attention and highlight your passion for midwifery.

Academic Background

You've already included in your application your education and grades/expected grades, so in your statement you're wanting to demonstrate your high level of academic ability and how this will help you to successfully complete your midwifery training.

Transferable Skills

Use this section to prove why your life, career or volunteering experience will aid your midwifery practice. Ensure you have thoroughly researched the role of a midwife and what will be expected of you as a student midwife. Use this section to show the admissions team how your experiences have taught you the skills you will need to become an enthusiastic student midwife. Avoid simply listing these skills, demonstrate them. You may want to discuss communication, team working, time management, coping and working in stressful situations. You can mention in this section any study days you may have attended.

Midwifery Interest Topic

You are already aware of how competitive midwifery is, therefore going above and beyond to prove your passion and dedication to the profession is vital to being a successful applicant. Do you have an interest on a specific midwifery topic? Have you been doing additional research and reading? Include it here! Midwives are required to partake in continuous professional development to keep up-to-date with new practice. Impress the admissions team by mentioning a topic you're particularly interested in and show that you have gone out of your way to research and deepen your midwifery knowledge. Examples could be human rights in childbirth, optimal cord clamping, Group B Strep, home birth. It only needs to be a few lines. Remember, if you're successful it's likely you'll be asked about your topic during your interview. Don't mention a complex topic that you don't actually understand and give yourself that additional stress!


Summarise your key points and round your statement off with a brief conclusion... VIOLA!

It's going to take more than one draft to get it submission ready and that's okay. Get someone else to proof-read it, point out any sneaky typos and ensure it makes sense. You know what you mean, but does it translate to someone else the way you want it to? Fresh eyes make a difference. Just know that the hardest part without a doubt is just getting it started... so what are you waiting for? Get going!

Best of luck!

Joanna x

I'm currently offering Personal Statement and Interview Support in person and via Skype, if you'd like more information - do get in touch! :)

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