Birth. Is. Normal.

Contrary to popular belief, we have been doing this birth thing for quite a while now... And a little secret? We're pretty badass at it too!

Birth. Is. Normal.

We spend most of our lives viewing birth as an emergency. TV shows and films tell us we need to rush to the hospital when our waters break. When labour starts, we have don't have long to get to the hospital before baby makes a speedy entrance into the world. We should maybe even phone an ambulance. Birth is viewed as an emergency. However, for most this is simply not true.

Birth is not a medical, emergency event that sometimes goes well. It's a normal, natural, physiological and innate process that can sometimes requires medical input. Birth. Is. Normal.

Your body is designed for birth

It can be hard to believe in this day and age that our bodies know best and we should always trust them. But they do and we should! You have a perfectly designed system within your body that knows how to grow a baby, trigger labour, birth your baby, birth your placenta and feed your baby. It's incredible. What's more incredible is that we don't our abilities to grow a baby, just give birth to said baby. So literally growing and developing a fully formed human baby with complete functioning organs? "No problem?" But giving birth to that baby? "Nooooo way, can't do that!"

Medical support

There are of course times where we are so glad to have the medical support available that we do. However, this is if and when needed. There are many wonderful parents that I have supported that would not have been able to conceive their baby, have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a health baby if it wasn't for the medical advances we have today. They are truly incredible and we are so grateful. However, medical input should not be used to undermine pregnant and birthing people's choices and rights. Maternity care has a strong focus on "risk" and how to avoid or minimise it and this is something I will speak more in depth about in a whole other blog post.

Trusting your body

Did you know that a negative perception of birth can eventually become a reality? There is a great deal of luck involved, that cannot be denied. But if you are making choices based on your fears, negative view of birth and lack of trust in your body, then the events that follow tend to reflect this. Fear has a huge impact on the birthing body, which we have our primal ancestors to thank for. If in labour, you are feeling anxious and fearful then your body will produce adrenaline and in response to this - will stimulate it's fight or flight more. You are unable to produce your essential birthing hormones during this response, so in early labour will slow down and stop. If in established labour, this can cause contractions to become much more intense and increasingly uncomfortable due to lack of blood supply and restricted uterine muscles. This is why staying calm, relaxed and trusting your body is essential for labour to progress at a comfortable and efficient rate.

How can you do this? Find out in my next post!

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