Midwife-led Parentcraft Workshop which will guide parents gently along the path to parenthood. You will be armed with knowledge and information to empower you and your partner to make informed choices that are best for you and your new family. This workshop will help build your confidence as a parent and improve you and your partner's wellbeing following birth.  You will meet new parents, building new friendships and allowing the transition to parenthood to be as stress-free as possible. You will receive a complete Newborn Care & Nurture Parent Handbook. 

Workshops are being held online via Zoom.

Course length: 3 hours

£45 per couple


Newborn Care Workshop

  • What happens in the hospital immediately post birth?  skin-to-skin, vitamin K and Newborn appearance.

  • Newborn's needs, communication skills and understanding minor upsets.

  • Breastfeeding - positioning, ensuring a good latch, hand expressing.

  • Formula Feeding, preparing bottles

  • Baby bathing, top and tailing, nappy changing, going out, activities with baby, what partner can do to help and much much more.

  •  Beating the ‘baby blues’ and postnatal depression.

  •  How your partner can get involved and what they can do to help with baby.

  •  What to expect postnatally from your body and adjusting to family life with a newborn baby.

What will you learn?


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